Working for WPM

WPM is a fast growing progressive organisation. With that in mind the development and motivation of our people is essential. Personal development is encouraged by taking on new challenges, learning new areas of expertise and encouraging team working. Pushing the barriers to constantly exceed personal goals is something that we promote.

Our commitment to a consistent approach, clear direction and achievable goals means that we encourage a productive environment not a hectic one. Good planning, realistic promises and expectations are key for us in ensuring productivity, motivation and a rewarding environment.

Our development team expertise is the key to our business. Therefore we provide an opportunity for them to experience new technologies and programming language; which makes for fun and interesting coding and the knowledge that they are integral to the WPM success.

At WPM we have a unique culture where every opinion counts irrespective of role or level of seniority. It is important to us that everyone is valued and listened to, which is why we promote a flat structure and an open door policy; along with regular forums for everyone to share their views.